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Social media is a powerful real estate marketing tool. Unlike traditional real estate marketing, where you basically “dump” information on people hoping to entice them, social media marketing is all about having a two-way conversation with people, building long-term relationships and cultivating trust. The result: when it’s time for people to use a real estate agent, they are more likely to pick the agent they trust.

According to NAR, Realtors say social media is their #1 source of high-quality leads.

The effective use of social media can be a key to your success in the real estate business. When you market your real estate listings, you should be marketing them in the places where your target market is. It’s important to realize that people today spend far more time on social networks than they do perusing the local paper’s listings.

We are real estate professionals too, and since we recognize the importance of social media marketing for real estate professionals, we have made it very easy for you to share your listing details on social networks. Each Real Estate Sites Site comes with a built-in posting tool that enables you to easily add your website to your favorite social network, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or any other social network you prefer to use. Better yet, your website visitors can easily add your website to their social networks as well. This is how social media is supposed to work – and this is how you effortlessly create a viral marketing campaign.

In addition to sharing your listings, you should also share your expertise and experience! Share your testimonials, share links to your website content, share video tips for buyers and sellers – basically position yourself as a real estate expert by getting your knowledge out there! With website builders like RealEstateSites.com you can create articles/pages anytime and share them across all social media platforms.