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Single Property Websites

Now included with Real Estate Sites!

Wow your clients with a marketing tool that Sellers Love and Buyers Use!

A single property website is a website that is fully dedicated to featuring a single property. The property’s street address becomes the website’s URL. For example, the URL for a house located at 555 Main Street will be www.555MainStreet.com. 

Single Property Websites

A typical property website becomes a one-stop destination for anyone interested in the property. It includes all the listing data, photographs, property video, the agent’s contact details.

Our real estate website builder now includes Listings Unlimited and its suite of marketing tools. With this service, you can create professional single property websites for each of your listings. Point your prospects directly to your listing by giving them the unique property address domain name (12North.IsForSale.com).

Five Quick Facts About Property Websites

Sellers love property websites.

Sellers love individual property websites. Why? Because they give them the feeling that the agent has worked really hard to feature their home in the best possible way. Filled with images, rich text, floor plans, video, mortgage tools, and more, single property websites have a professional look and convey a strong message of “Look at what I can do for you!”

Buyers love property websites.

For home buyers, this is a matter of convenience. Being able to type the property’s street address into their browser’s URL field and gain immediate access to a site saves time.

Property sites are easy to set up.

Despite being so impressive to both sellers and buyers, the little secret that agents don’t tell their clients is that single property websites are very easy to set up. A typical property website, filled with text, images, and even video. Best of all, it takes less than 15 minutes to set up!

Individual property websites are affordable.

The ROI on each single property website is extremely high. For a one-time fee of around $25, agents who set up a Real Estate Sites property website get a high-quality, and professional-looking website that stays up for a full year. It not only helps them secure listings, but it keeps their sellers happy and attracts homebuyers. And it establishes the agent as an Internet-savvy real estate professional.

Property websites facilitate viral online marketing.

One of the great benefits of online real estate marketing is the ability to use social networks to create viral marketing campaigns. Agents are discovering that featuring a single property on social networking sites is a great way to get people to spread the word about it. Single property websites such as those offered by Real Estate Sites include built-in, easy-to-use tools for sharing properties on a wide range of social networks. 

This powerful marketing tool allows you to direct your prospects to a website designed specifically for a single property i.e. 555luxuryway.com. You create the property web address from our large selection of Top-Level Domain Names. Upgrade to a premium .com domain for only $14.95 each!

Your property site will include all of the property information, along with links to local schools, maps, and more. Add unlimited High Definition photos for each property. Our program will optimize your images and stream them full screen at full resolution.