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Landing Pages

Landing Pages

While websites are great for information and exploration, they don’t always turn traffic into leads. With Real Estate Sites, you can create and optimize dedicated landing pages that prompt your visitors with one focused goal instead of leaving them to wander a site full of distractions.

A landing page is a standalone website page dedicated to a specific marketing campaign that is meant to convert website traffic into leads. Landing pages typically offer visitors something that they may be interested in, like a market report or a free comparative market analysis of their home, in exchange for contact information. Getting this information then gives YOU the tools you need to further nurture leads and urge them down the purchasing funnel.

Create Unlimited Landing Pages

With unlimited landing pages from Real Estate Sites, you can create pages and tailor them to a specific audience. For example, perhaps you are going to do a Zoom buyers seminar and want to attract first-time home buyers. You can create a Facebook post and link prospects directly to your landing page to “signup”. Or perhaps you just want to send them directly to a page with a pre-recorded video. You can do that too! We find for lead generation, it’s best to keep your landing page(s) short and to-the-point. All you really need on a landing page is a compelling headline, a bit of copy to whet the appetite of your visitors, and a one or two-field form to capture their email addresses.

Landing Page Statistics

  • The average landing page conversion rate across all industries is 9.7%.
  • 37% of top landing pages have testimonials.
  • 86% of top landing pages were mobile-friendly.
  • 30% of top landing pages use video content.

Source: NiftyMarketing, HubSpot