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Aija Shrader

“As ever, you are the best support company I work with. I sing your praises to everyone I can, other Realtors, and all my customers that become my clients, because of the internet presence you provide to me. Thank you.”

Dawn Radnitz

“This has been the easiest and most user-friendly website that I have ever used. The pages are clear and clean and there is nothing that I have not been able to add to any of my websites with ease! Thanks for being there when I need you!”

Mike Higgins

“This is a really easy and inexpensive way to establish a presence on the Internet. In just a few minutes, you can set up a website that looks as though it took many months and thousands of dollars to develop…”

Jeff Collaso

“I just wanted to let you know that we just sold one of our listings in Novato, CA to a buyer from Texas all because he was able to get everything he needed from the Listing Domain for the property. We have changed our office policy so that all of our listings have their own Listing Domain. Thanks a lot guys, they’re the best listing websites we’ve seen.”

Martin Levy

“Properties Online has provided me with an exceptional tool to showcase all my listings in a full format with multiple photos to a worldwide audience. The domain sign rider which Properties Online provides allows instant access to the website and immediate information about the property to buyers. And best of all, as the information changes – price, status, etc. – my staff is able to update the site immediately. Properties Online is a great marketing tool to satisfy the needs of both sellers and buyers”

Debbie Schiraldi

“Just a note to let you know about my success with your site. My listing at www.19Loyee.com SOLD in 5 months. The client loved the marketing, and truly made it easy for me to have prospective buyers leave paperless! I use it now in my marketing, and show my success!”

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